Oil Pulling Benefits


Oil pulling, it involves swishing a kind of edible oil in your mouth for about twenty minutes and then spitting it out. This ancient cleansing method derived from an ancient Eastern medical tradition called Ayurveda, this technique has become a popular as a way to address oral health by remove bacteria and microorganisms and in the process helps in detoxifying your body’s lymph nodes and glands.
Kills Bacteria
Cleaning and moisturizing the mouth naturally can have a positive effect on oral health. Oil pulling works to remove these germs and their toxins, and, as a result, to improve your overall health by stopping the spread of bad microorganisms before they can enter your digestive and immune systems., The mouth is something of a doorway for toxins and unhealthy particles to enter the body – particles which, if given the chance, can flourish and have an adverse effect on health.
Reduce Bad Breath
Clean mouth may also be the key to preventing disease, and studies are beginning to highlight the relationship between poor oral health and conditions like inflammation, diabetes and even heart disease.
The bad bacteria are the ones that cause the kind of morning breath that can drive your best friends away. One study found that oil pulling was as effective as chlorhexidine at reducing bad breath. In that study, 20 children rinsed with either chlorhexidine or sesame oil, both of which caused a significant decrease in levels of the microorganisms known to contribute to bad breath.
Though more research is needed, oil pulling may be used as a natural alternative to reduce bad breath and could be as effective as traditional treatments.
Whitens teeth
There is anecdotal evidence that oil pulling could be a natural way to whiten your teeth. Some individuals do report noticeable whitening results. Swishing of the oil triggers an emulsification process, which has been shown to help enhance the oil’s “scrubbing” capabilities. This mechanical cleansing action helps to remove stains from the teeth.
Strengthen the gums
Not only does the Oil pulling makes the teeth whiter. It also helps when you have a loose teeth to strengthen the gums. The claim has been made that it helps to fasten the loose teeth and eliminate bleeding gums. Results of oil pulling overall is improved dental health. Gums pinker and healthier looking and an overall fresh breath. We know that inflammation can cause many other health problems in the body, therefore oil pulling helps to heal the whole body.
It doesn’t stop here, oil pulling is also known to be useful in the treatment of the following conditions:
• Common diseases such as cold, cough, allergies, headaches
• Skin problems such as itching, pigmentation, eczema, scars, rashes
• Respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma
• Headache and migraine
• Back pain, neck pain, joint pains, and arthritis
• Constipation and other conditions arising due to some problem in digestive system
• Blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes
• Piles
It’s recommended to oil pull 1-4 times daily depending upon their health history and dental health challenges. 20 minutes is best, but building your way up from 5 minutes in small increments is better than nothing. Someone who has a root canal or multiple root canals, I will strongly encourage to oil pull 3-4x daily. Someone without much dental challenges may do great with one oil pull session per day.
As oil pulling grows in popularity, dentists and dental professionals will likely have more and more patients claiming to use oil pulling as a staple part of their dental routine. The potential and mostly unproven benefits of oil pulling could improve the oral health of many individuals. However, it should not be used as a replacement for brushing and flossing. Only when used in conjunction with regular oral care procedures does oil pulling offer the potential for improved oral health.

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